Apollo (Presales)
Apollo (Presales)
Apollo (Presales)
Apollo (Presales)

Apollo (Presales)

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The world's FIRST widebody using a premium 100% Aramid fiber, sourced from DuPont™ Kevlar®
Industry leading combination of spin, swingweight and twistweight

The Apollo is the world's FIRST widebody paddle that uses a premium 100% Aramid fiber, sourced from DuPont™ Kevlar®, as its face material. The proprietary shape produced in-house by us along with the cutting-edge tech gives you unfathomable swing speed (swingweight of only 108), a MASSIVE sweetspot from the incredibly high twistweight of 7.45, and top tier spin of over 2100 RPMs.

The combination of the absurdly low swingweight and spin lets you take the most aggressive shots including rolls and flicks from under the net.

Blocks and resets are an afterthought with the sweetspot that effectively covers the whole face all the way to the edgeguard allowing what would be mishits on other paddles to be normal hits with the Apollo.

Fully thermoformed with injected edgefoam, the Apollo gives you power for your drives and serves and big pop for your putaway shots while still providing a plush feel for control.

We have spent over a year cutting out all middlemen and optimizing our production lines so that we can deliver the Apollo to you at a lower cost than our competitors while maintaining high quality. Because at Spartus, our mission is to deliver maximum performance at maximum value.

USAP approved for tournament play, the Apollo paddles from Spartus are the ultimate choice for any pickleball enthusiast or competitor. Upgrade your game today!

Free neoprene paddle cover ($20 value) with every new Apollo purchase!

 Paddle Specifications

Hot-molded ("thermoformed") Yes
Unibody Yes
Edgefoam Yes
USAP Approved Yes*
Core Thickness 16mm
Paddle Length
Paddle Width 8.0-8.1" (tapered sides)
Grip Length 5.3" (5.5 - 5.6" of usable space)
Grip Circumference 4.125"
Average Weight 8.1 ounces
Swingweight 108
Twistweight 7.45
Spin 2,100+ RPM
Paddle Face Material DuPont™ Kevlar®
Core Material Polypropylene honeycomb

* USAP approval will be finalized prior to delivery. The Apollo meets all USAP regulations and is currently undergoing the approval process.

Compared to other "Top Paddles"

  Spartus Apollo 6.0 Double Black Diamond 6.0 Ruby Volair Mach 2 Forza 16
Shape Widebody Hybrid Hybrid Widebody
Face material










(lower means a faster swing)

108 114 117 110


(higher means more forgiving or

a bigger


7.45 6.59 6.68 7.22
Spin RPM 2100+ 2100+ 2100+ 2100+


  Apollo Ballista V2 Centurion
Power 9 7 8
Pop 9 9 8
Speed 10 10 8
Spin 10 9 9
Control 9 10 8



10 8 7
Reach 7 9 9

DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Well rounded, solid, great control, and a step up in power and pop. This is an awesome paddle.

For context I currently main the Mach 2 Forza 16mm weighted to 8.5oz. I moved to the M2F 16 from the Double Black Diamond 16mm. I drilled / played with an early Apollo unit from Spartus that is identical to the one currently in the USAP approval process. I will be purchasing an Apollo when it becomes available.

The Apollo has really good whip for 4ths and speedups, dinks feel solid, hand speed feels slightly better than the M2F 16 (which is already absurdly quick in the hands, part of the reason I upgraded from the DBD 16). Resets were plush and required very little thinking, it just kinda goes where you want. The low swing weight and spinny face leads to some very aggressive forehand and backhand rolls from below the net.

Power is easy and consistent. Pop feels like an upgrade from the M2F and DBD without feeling harsh. I really like the full Kevlar as it has a plush feel while still being powerful and poppy. It feels more powerful and poppy than the Ruby (which I demoed and didn’t like) and less harsh than my PLE S (I think the one I have is particularly harsh).

Random but I love the handle. It is pronounced enough to easily find your grip with great proportions. It is hard to describe but the edges of the handle bevels feel crisp without feeling sharp. One overgrip will be perfect, unlike some paddles that start very rounded and don’t have grip finding feel when you add an overgrip (the Hyperion C2 I demoed comes to mind). The handle length is quite good; two handed backhands feel very natural.

The Apollo is just as wide as my M2F 16 but very slightly longer (my M2F is almost exactly 8 inches wide). The Apollo is almost as long as my DBD (which is shorter than the specifications claim) and noticeably wider. Stability on the Apollos is excellent; It feels just as stable as my M2F despite being 8.08 oz vs my 8.5 weighted M2F (likely the twist weight is still similar). Spin feels at least as good as the M2F and noticeably better than the DBD. I’m excited for how solid the Apollo will be after adding lead tape.

My Mach 2 Forza 16mm is set up with one overgrip and weighted to 8.5oz with lead tape at the 4 and 8 positions. I will likely set up my Apollo similarly. Previously I have mained the LP 16, DBD 16, PLE S, Speedup Fire, R1P, R1, and others. I have demoed a large variety of other paddles. Play level is 4.5+

Spartus have built something really special here. The price point they have hit is absurdly low for a full Kevlar face widebody paddle. This paddle plays amazingly and hits a great combination of amazing control with solid power, pop and top tier spin.

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