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Hi, I'm Josh, the founder of Spartus! I have a diverse background in engineering, law, finance, and business. I'm based in San Francisco and grateful to now be combining all this expertise to build performance pickleball paddles for you and me.

Come find me at the pickleball courts at Bay Club South San Francisco and Louis Sutter. I'd love to play with you!

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Our Mission

Looking back on my journey through competitive sports, I can attest to the importance of having the right equipment to elevate your game and your overall experience on the court. It's with this passion and experience that I've incorporated my expertise in engineering, operations, legal, and business and teamed up with other experts to create Spartus - a true R&D-focused company building performance pickleball equipment for players of all levels.

At Spartus, we understand the needs of pickleball players and are committed to delivering maximum performance at maximum value. Elevate your game and join the Spartus community today.

Our Values


Our team is dedicated to delivering products of the highest quality, which is why we invest in rigorous quality control standards. With Spartus, you can trust that you'll always receive top-notch equipment. Upgrade your game with us today!


Achieve peak performance on the pickleball court with Spartus! We believe that not only does the right gear give you an edge, but so does the right mindset. That's why we've designed our paddles with clean and sleek lines to help you stay focused and in the zone. Find your Zen with Spartus and take your game to the next level.


We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with everyone we work with, including our customers and partners. When we make a commitment, you can trust that we'll follow through. Choose Spartus for a brand you can rely on.

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