Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2
Ballista V2

Ballista V2

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Nine months of R&D.
Two patents pending.
The ultimate performance.
Unbeatable price.
The Spartus Ballista.

Meet the fastest thermoformed paddle of its size in the market. Built from the ground up, the patent pending Ballista is all about performance. Hot-molded ("thermoformed") with unibody construction and a compacted cell core structure unseen in 16mm paddles before, the Ballista delivers power on top of incredible speed.

With a 110 swingweight, the Ballista is the quickest thermoformed paddle of its size on the market so you can win hands battles with ease.

Inside the paddle, the edge foam and weighted tape spreads the sweet spot all the way to the edges of the paddle to minimize your mishits while the edge is strengthened with three layers of carbon fiber and an added layer of fiberglass.

All of this at an incredible price because all of the endeavors we've taken to reduce our production and operation costs are meant to benefit you.

USAPA approved for tournament play, the Ballista paddles from Spartus are the ultimate choice for any pickleball enthusiast or competitor. Upgrade your game today!

Free neoprene paddle cover ($20 value) and edge protection tape with every new Ballista purchase!

Paddle Specifications

Hot-molded ("thermoformed") Yes
Unibody Yes
Edgefoam Yes + weight tape inside the perimeter
Core Thickness 15.5 mm
Overall Thickness 16 mm
Paddle Length
16.4 inches
Paddle Width 7.5 inches
Grip Length 5.4 inches
Grip Circumference 4.125 inches
Average Weight 8.0 ounces
Swing Weight 110
Paddle Face Material Toray T700 carbon fiber + epoxy resin + granule paint
Core Material Compacted cell polypropylene honeycomb



  Ballista V2 Centurion Apollo
Power 7 8 9
Pop 9 8 9
Speed 10 8 10
Spin 9 9 10
Control 10 8 9
8 7 10
Reach 9 9 7

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Excellent, with a catch

Love the design and control of this paddle. Exactly what I was looking for, but with a bit of a catch.

My first experience with the paddle was when I pulled it out of the box and went straight into a tournament without any practice. I noticed that I was able to defend really well - play controlled dinks and add a tremendous amount of spin (much more than what I was used to). However, I consistently hit the ball short on drives. I was missing the pop/power of my old basic SLK (14 mm) paddle. I got pretty frustrated and thought about returning the Ballista.

I ended up buying lead tape off Amazon and added about 2 x 5 in (1 g/in) strips on each bottom corner; starting about a half inch from the throat and wrapping around the bottom corner. I also added 1 x 5 in strips at the top corners. I finished the process by wrapping the edge with black hockey grip tape, trimmed to tightly fit around the edge of the paddle, to cover the lead strips. This modification really changed the playability of the paddle by giving me the power I wanted AND the control I originally bought the Ballista for. Now I absolutely love the Ballista.

Judy Hourani
Love these !

Love the feel and they look great. Very happy. Would definitely recommend.

Arnold Diamond
Terrific Paddle

Light and speedy yet able to spin and put the ball where it needs to go.

Paul Konop
Thought I would try the Spartus

Put the paddle to the test this morning. Overall I love it. I don’t have anything negative to say about the paddle. What I don’t like is the 3” day return policy. In order to return it the paddle has to be brand new so there is no test driving the paddle. There is one item that should be improved on and that is have a protective edge. Not a frame but some type of protective edge. My kennix pro spin is frameless but has a protective edge for when the paddle meets the court surface going for those digs.

Bought my second as my wife took my first

My wife borrowed my Ballista V2 and never gave it back. She enjoyed the hand speed at the NVZ. I agree with her, the paddle is great at the kitchen. I bought another one for myself. Besides the hand speed, it has a great balance of power and control. I'll by it again if anyone takes it from me.

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