Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion

Gladius Centurion

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100% performance at under $100.

Featuring thermoformed & injected foam wall technology.
The ultimate value hands-down.
Meet the Gladius Centurion.

The Gladius Centurion is fully thermoformed using a single piece of 360-degree wrapped Toray T700 carbon fiber to provide the perfect balance between power, control, and spin. This time-intensive process requires custom molds to apply continuous heat to the entire paddle to increase the strength of the paddle.

Edgefoam is injected into the entire perimeter of the paddle to maximize the sweetspot while each layer extends the entire length of the paddle for a unibody construction, making the Gladius Centurion extremely durable.

Whether you are looking to drive winners, put away volleys, or dink at the net, the Gladius Centurion excels at any shot. All of this for only less than $100.

USAP approved for tournament play, the Gladius paddles from Spartus are the ultimate choice for any pickleball enthusiast or competitor. Upgrade your game today!

Free neoprene paddle cover ($20 value) with every new Gladius Centurion purchase!

 Paddle Specifications

Hot-molded ("thermoformed") Yes
Unibody Yes
Edgefoam Yes
USAP Approved Yes
Core Thickness 16mm
Paddle Length
16.5 inches
Paddle Width 7.5 inches
Grip Length 5.5 inches
Grip Circumference 4.125 inches
Average Weight 8.0 ounces
Swingweight 118
Paddle Face Material Toray T700 carbon fiber
Core Material Polypropylene honeycomb


  Centurion Ballista V2 Apollo
Power 8 7 9
Pop 8 9 9
Speed 8 10 10
Spin 9 9 10
Control 8 10 9



7 8 10
Reach 9 9 7

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Juan Diaz

Great paddle for the price

Stephen Fung
Awesome Paddle

Love my Spartus Centurion! Now playing with it all the time instead of my Joola Perseus CFS 16 paddle. Both paddles are very similar but the Spartus Centurion is less than half the price of the Joola!

Totally changed my gameplay

I have been playing for about three months with an entry level paddle and had no idea what I was missing. The control and consistency that I have with this paddle is outstanding and I can put the ball where I want to with confidence. I spent a lot of time looking at other paddles with similar features that cost a lot more before I found Spartus. You can’t beat the value this company offers. If you are an intermediate player looking to step up your game this paddle will give you everything you need to take your game to the next level. I love that I feel more control while also having power when I want it.

Tim Barbier
Great paddle

Thank You Spartus for your quick service and for making a quality product. The Centurion was everything I was looking for. Its ranks up to much more expensive paddles in quality and design. Great job.

Rishi K.
Awesome paddle!

Played with it over 2 sessions now and it’s a clear step-up from my prior paddle. Has a really consistent, stiff feel on every shot. Large sweet spot and I just have a lot of confidence whether drives or dinks. The distinctive red look is a plus also.

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