Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion
Gladius Centurion

Gladius Centurion

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100% performance at under $100.

Featuring thermoformed & injected foam wall technology.
The ultimate value hands-down.
Meet the Gladius Centurion.

The Gladius Centurion is fully thermoformed using a single piece of 360-degree wrapped Toray T700 carbon fiber to provide the perfect balance between power, control, and spin. This time-intensive process requires custom molds to apply continuous heat to the entire paddle to increase the strength of the paddle.

Edgefoam is injected into the entire perimeter of the paddle to maximize the sweetspot while each layer extends the entire length of the paddle for a unibody construction, making the Gladius Centurion extremely durable.

Whether you are looking to drive winners, put away volleys, or dink at the net, the Gladius Centurion excels at any shot. All of this for only less than $100.

USAP approved for tournament play, the Gladius paddles from Spartus are the ultimate choice for any pickleball enthusiast or competitor. Upgrade your game today!

Free neoprene paddle cover ($20 value) with every new Gladius Centurion purchase!

 Paddle Specifications

Hot-molded ("thermoformed") Yes
Unibody Yes
Edgefoam Yes
USAP Approved Yes
Core Thickness 16mm
Paddle Length
16.5 inches
Paddle Width 7.5 inches
Grip Length 5.5 inches
Grip Circumference 4.125 inches
Average Weight 8.0 ounces
Swingweight 118
Paddle Face Material Toray T700 carbon fiber
Core Material Polypropylene honeycomb


  Centurion Ballista V2 Apollo
Power 8 7 9
Pop 8 9 9
Speed 8 10 10
Spin 9 9 10
Control 8 10 9


7 8 10
Reach 9 9 7

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Fast hands paddle hands down!

This is the best paddle of the lot. It has great control and more than enough power without excess "pop". It has a soft feel and great spin as well. Many paddles promise control, spin, and power. Few deliver but this one does. Use code “ALPHA10” at checkout on Spartus website for additional discount!

Mark H.
Just what I needed!

Coming from a Vatic Prism Flash last year I was looking for a little more power, a little more pop, and a little more spin. And what I got was all that and a great price. Plus the red accents make it a sharp looking paddle.

Jonas Satuito
Tournament worthy paddle

This paddle has everything I need in a paddle. Power, spin and control. I put lead tape on the sides and top to add stability and it has helped me win 4.5 tournaments. Unbelievably low price for such a high performance paddle.

Great Thermoformed Paddle

Highly recommended pickleball paddle regardless price point. Solid thermoformed paddle with high quality built. With under $100 and come with cover, I don’t think you could find a better paddle. For me, it is no different in performance compared to Joola Perseus. With elongated design, it is a bit inferior on hand speed compared to Spartus Ballista but gain more power in return. So if you value more control and placement go with the Ballista. If you love more power go with the Gladius. Both got a very high spin rate. For discount code, I used “Kong” to get 10% discount. Definitely, more stable and more power than Vatic Prism Flash and Selkirk Halo. The red and black look sporty. Hope Spartus will come up with other fun colors in the future. Happy playing pickleball!

Colter Marcum

Gladius Centurion

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